Mr. Mahfuzul Mannan Chowdhury
Mahfuzul Mannan Chowdhury

Chairman's Message

We are thankful to our brother, Mr. Mahbubal Mannan Chowdhury, for his foresight and determination in planning, building, and completing the Kader Tower Building Complex. My professional endeavours kept me away from our family affairs. After completing my degree in Engineering from the then-West Pakistan University of Engineering & Technology, Lahore, I was dedicated to my responsibilities as an Engineer at Karnaphuli Paper Mills, as a manager at BCIC, and as the General Manager at Bakhrabad Gas Systems Limited. I had very little time to contribute to the development of our inherited property. We saw the need for a modern commercial complex in the heart of the bustling commercial area on Jubilee Road and Reazuddin Bazar, famously known as “Tin Pool”. It’s proximity to the Trade centers like New Market, Reazuddin Bazar, Golam Rosul Market, Transportation Hubs like Chattogram Railway Station and inter-district Bus stations attracted businesses of all sizes and types to the area. At the turn of this century, when the country and especially the city of Chattogram saw exponential growth in trade and commerce, there was very little commercial space available. So, we set out to build Kader Tower in 2002 on our 13000+ square feet land area. Though it took some time to reach the completion of the building complex. Today it is the home of leading banks, insurance companies, distributors, whole-sellers, and retailers. It is the rendezvous for shoppers, traders, and clientele. Kader Tower is a Landmark today in the city of Chattogram. We take great pride in keeping the complex in excellent condition and making its resources available all the time for our valued tenants and their clients. I thank our management and maintenance teams for their attention to detail, follow-up, and execution of plans. And I extend my appreciation to our valued tenants for their cooperation. They make it all possible.
Mr. Mahbubal Mannan Chowdhury
Founder CEO
Mahbubal Mannan Chowdhury

Remembering our Founder CEO

Late Mr. Mahbubal Mannan Chowdhury, was one of the pioneers in developing the modern commercial building complex in Chattogram. He envisioned Kader Tower long before the current trend of property development started. Mr. Chowdhury saw the need for a multifunctional commercial building complex at Jubilee Road when there were not many places to house modern Banks and Offices. Besides being a successful developer and sole caretaker of parental properties, he maintained a colourful career. After completing his bachelor’s degree, he pursued the path for becoming a Chartered Accountant. But his professional life came calling, he started as the finance manager of Balagamwala Vegetable Products. Shortly after, he took on the responsibility of the General Manager at Sena Kalyan Sangstha, where he had to oversee planning, production and execution of policies for entities like, Diamond Food Industries, Fauji Flour Mills and Chittagong Flour Mills. He was also the Finance Director of BGC Trust Medical College. Then there was his tireless philanthropic and social service work. He was an active member of international charity organizations like Rotary Club and AOTS. He was the President of the Rotary Club in his Chapter. Besides that, he was an executive member of Chittagong Municipal High School, Jalalabad Housing Society, and a donor member of Oli Ahmed College. His philanthropy is to date celebrated in both his village town and by beneficiaries everywhere. He touched many lives. Fruit of his hard work and devotion, Kader Tower, stands tall today serving hundreds of businesses, thousands of clients and shoppers and countless job seekers. People of all walks of life have benefited from his convictions. He will be remembered for his vision, commitment, generosity, and kindness.
Mr. Kaiserul Mannan Chowdhury
Managing Director
Kaiserul Mannan Chowdhury

Managing Director’s Message

With the guidance and direction of the Chairman, Mr. Mahfuzul Mannan Chowdhury, and my years of experience in managing the workforce of medium to large businesses, Kader Tower’s management and maintenance team is built to be polite, professional, and proficient. Our goal is to listen to our tenants and make their stay pleasant and productive. We select the best people for each role and deploy the best tool for each task. So that our tenants can run their operation un-interrupted. Our team of experts designs, executes, and monitors plans for each resource and maintains protocol for unforeseen circumstances. Team’s efficiency reflects in every aspect of their responsibility, tenant relations, access to facilities, cleanliness, security, and most importantly, resource availability. Even though I was abroad while Kader Tower was being built, the Chairman, Mr. Mahfuzul Mannan Chowdhury, and the founder CEO, the late Mr. Mahbubal Mannan Chowdhury, have always kept us in the discussion throughout the process, from the conception of developing the commercial complex on our property on Jubilee Road to the completion of the complex. They were able to identify the need of a commercial store and office complex on this site. The potential was great, but the development scene was not as saturated as it is today. They were one of the pioneers of modern commercial development in the city of Chattogram. I remember my brother, the late Mr. Mahbubal Mannan Chowdhury, founding CEO of Kader Tower, with a heavy heart, but I am sure he is smiling down at us with a nod of approval.