Electricity Generator and water Supply

A heavy-duty electrical generator has been installed to provide an uninterrupted electric supply to the entire market and office building. For 24 hours, the water supply keeps on inerratic.


There are two lifts to the left and right of the market entrance to reach any floor. One lift has the capacity of 06 persons and another one capacitates 15 persons. One lift could take the person to the 7th floor, while another could take to the 8th floor.


In the underground, Kader Tower has its own car parking arrangement. About 40 motorcycles and a half-dozen automobiles can be parked.

Security Measures

A half-dozen security guards work at the Kader Tower commercial building. who is on guard in penetrative observation by the guarding of a supervisor? The closed-circuit camera system covered the entire commercial building from the outside to the inside, at the vital entrance point.

Fire Extinguishing System

The building complex has a fire fighting team who are trained. There is adequate fire extinguishing equipment. There are also emergency exit arrangements.

Kader Tower Access (Entrance)

This building has a total of 02 entrance gates on the east and west side of the ground floor. There is also an entrance gate for entering the underground.