Renting an Office Space in CTG: Your Perfect Workplace

In Chittagong, finding the right office space is important for businesses to succeed. Kader Tower Properties is a great option for small or big businesses looking for a good workplace. Also here you can rent space for your Electronics shop.

Overview of the Office Space

This office space is conveniently located near Hazi Golam Rasul Market and just a few minutes away from Chattogram New Market area. It boasts a spacious area of 1632 sq ft and is suitable for offices, stores, or warehouses. Its proximity to the roadside and local transport makes it easily accessible.


  • Electricity Generator and Water Supply: Ensures uninterrupted power and water supply for your business operations.
  • Parking: Ample parking space available for tenants and visitors.
  • Washroom: Includes one washroom for convenience.
  • Fire Extinguishing System: Equipped with a fire extinguishing system for safety.
  • Roadside View: Offers a scenic view of the roadside surroundings.
  • Closest to Lift: Conveniently located close to lift facilities.


  • Unlimited Access to Coworking Areas: Enjoy unlimited access to coworking areas during business hours.
  • Flexible Contracts: Contracts that grow with your business, providing flexibility in terms of space and duration.
  • 24/7 Availability: Wide range of professional workspaces available 24/7 to accommodate your business needs.
  • Multiple Space Options: Flexibility to rent one or more spaces according to your requirements.

Benefits of Renting This Space


You can change your office space to fit your needs, whether you want an open space or separate rooms for different teams.

Cost Efficiency

Renting at Kader Tower Properties saves you money compared to buying your own office. You won't have to worry about extra costs like repairs or taxes.

Professional Image

Having your office in Kader Tower Properties gives your business a professional look, making clients trust you more.

Tips for Leasing a Rental Office Space

Lease Negotiation

When talking about renting at a Business Centre, make sure you understand all the terms, like how much rent you'll pay and for how long.

Space Planning

Plan how you want to arrange your space to make the most of the space. Think about where to put furniture and how to make it easy for your team to work together.

Designing Your Office Layout

Make Unit No: 04 your own by adding your brand's style. Choose furniture and decorations that make it a nice place to work.

Marketing Your Business Location

Tell people about your Brand and our unit by using online tools like Google so they can find you easily. You can also show them around virtually to get them interested.


  • How can I see Office Space in person?
  • What are the rules for renting at Kader Tower Properties?
  • Do I have to pay extra for things like water or electricity?
  • Can I change how Unit No: 04 looks inside?
  • Is there enough parking for everyone?
  • Are there any other fees I need to know about?

Kader Tower Properties is a great place to set up your office in CTG. It has everything you need to work well and grow your business. By learning about its features, benefits, and tips, you can make the right choice for your company.

Office Space For Rent In CTG - Unit No: 04: Your Perfect Workplace

3rd Floor

  • Floor: Four/04
  • 1632 sq.feet


Electricity Generator and water Supply



Security Measures

Fire Extinguishing System

Kader Tower Access (Entrance)

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